The Mission of Alpha Chapter

The Mission of Phi Delta Psi Eta Hispanic Fraternity is to give Hispanics in the Pennsylvania State University (University Park campus) a sense of belonging.  Our Fraternity is determined to serve both the community and its members. Phi Delta Psi Eta Hispanic Fraternity was founded to allow students to establish, endure, and retain a strong bond with their brothers throughout their entire lives. Although Phi Delta Psi Eta Hispanic Fraternity is comprised of Hispanic/Latino men, it does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, or religion.  Union through brotherhood, education, support and leadership throughout the community has made Phi Delta Psi Eta Hispanic Fraternity a voice of strength and encouragement.  This has become the corner stone of our Fraternity.

Students coming to Penn State with purpose, determination and goals will most likely have a successful experience.  Yet, there are those that want and expect more from their university experience.

As Penn State's first Hispanic based fraternity, Phi Delta Psi Eta has established itself throughout the academic and local community. Today, the fraternity continues to thrive on leadership, education and support with a high respect and appreciation of cultural diversity.

Phi Delta Psi Eta is determined to live up to its promise of Honor, Sabiduria, y Hermandad (Honor, wisdom, and brotherhood).